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Intellectual property service

1. Trademarks

  • Consulting, accessing, applying for registration of trademark protection;
  • Supporting the enforcement of protected trademark rights;
  • Consulting on contract of transfer of the right to use or trademark ownership right.

2. Copyright

  • Consulting on the basis for arising, establishing, changing and terminating copyright / related rights;
  • Consulting and implementing procedures related to the registration of copyright / related rights;
  • Providing legal advice on Copyright or related right license contracts and other contracts related to copyright / related rights;
  • Complaints about the decisions related to the granting of copyright / related rights certificates.

3. Dealing with violations of intellectual property

  • Requesting competent state agencies/organizations to examine and conclude on acts of infringing upon intellectual property;
  • Requesting organizations and individuals that have committed acts of infringing upon intellectual property rights to terminate violations;
  • Requesting competent state agencies to handle violations.

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